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Grams are one of the earliest cultivated vegetables. In Middle East more than 7000 years old remains have been found. Today India is the world’s largest producer of Grams also known as Chana is renowned for delicious taste & high protein content. The Grams are used to make curries and are one of the famous foods in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & UK. The flour is used as a batter to coat various vegetables & meats before frying.

The flour is used for coating vegetables before frying them. It is also used to make sweet & savoury dishes.
India is the world leader in Bengal gram production followed by Pakistan and Turkey.
Gram is an important Rabi crop mainly sown in September -November and harvested in February. Sometimes, it is also grown as a regularly or partially irrigated crop.
It is best suited to areas having low to moderate
rainfall and a mild cold weather. Excessive rain soon after sowing or at flowering does great harm.
The ideal soil from gram is one that is well drained and not too heavy.
Severe cold is injurious, and is very harmful. It is best suited to areas having moderate rainfall of 60-90 cm per annum.